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Extraction (2020)
Farren2020 9 points 28 days ago.

Enjoyed it thoroughly, but boy am I worn out now after watching the two main characters work so hard for oh so long. Dayum!!! Pant!! pant!! Also for the eye candy since I am a live female. evil grin

1917 (2019)
toothpickwillie -19 points 4 months ago.

kinda gay…. miss the real war movies. not this SJW war….

gunnerdan 15 points 4 months ago.

1st off let me just say I’m big enough not to raise to the bait of you trying to start a fight on here. This is based on a true story These men have bigger BALLS than you’ll ever have and going by your name toothepickwilly bigger than other parts too

Billions (2016)
BeAuTyStarZ 1 points 11 days ago.

i did watch it. i gave it two chances starting with s1 and same answer

joalex 8 points 10 days ago.

Well we saw different things then. I saw a power tussle where the best laid plan with the best resource backing it eventually wins.

Extraction (2020)
Keisha_Ruan 1 points 29 days ago.

at first i was like all whaaaaaa? then I understood that its a good movie for the guys but im still like, whaaaaa? damn!

idrow 11 points 29 days ago.

There are plenty of women who like action movies with lots of violence and explosions. Plus there’s the eye candy. It doesn’t have to be believable or even plausible as long as it’s entertaining. I’m female and this is exactly my kind of movie. If they could have slid some ninjas, Deadpool or dinosaurs in, that would have been even better.

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) S2 E3
Alien 7 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Superb Owl celebration. HA!

City of Vice (2008)
Alien 7 points 1 month ago.

Thank you to whomever posted these links. I appreciate the time you took.

Batwoman (2019)
ChinSki 9 points 6 days ago.

Ruby Rose Just QUIT Batwoman!

Spirited (2010)
Randall -2 points 3 months ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Can we get some links please, Matt King from Peep Show is a crack-up..

RoboPhone 9 points 3 months ago*.

Randall, I am not sure if anyone else told you this during the last 8 months that you’ve been complaining about NO links in Comments, but the Content Team does NOT Monitor Comments for Link Requests.

However, you can easily visit them HERE instead.

Please use that method going forward.

It will increase your chances immensely.


Extraction (2020)
Rick13 6 points 28 days ago.

good fight scenes,great action.I liked it

Prodigal Son (2019) S1 E19
Alien 6 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

It’s obviously a set up. Cui bono? Not Malcolm.

For All Mankind (2019)
BTamBourin 10 points 6 months ago.

I think this show is great. I really like the alternative universe thing.

Batwoman (2019)
ribbet29 13 points 7 months ago.

Cringey, lazy plot & agenda driven… Hard pass

Batwoman (2019)
yonkk -2 points 5 days ago.

People should be who ever they want, but why does every show try to push it down the public throat. Is there a point these show want to make. We can so we will.

Negan 8 points 5 days ago.

Everywhere you look there’s heterosexuality on display: RL, TV, magazines, comicbooks, video games, movies…being “pushed down the public throat”.

Flight of the Navigator (1986)
NoxllockZ 5 points 1 year ago.

i like it . nice little space craft

Tiger8me 8 points 1 year ago.

It was one of my all time favorites. Compliance…lol. It’s a great movie for kids and those who’ve been lucky enough to remain kids at heart.

Gemini Man (2019)
8STORY8 2 points 7 months ago.

Thank you for thinking of me Robo, very thoughtful of you. However, I’m gonna wait for the DVD version. But, if you happen to remember to notify me then too, I’d be grateful for it.

RoboPhone 8 points 7 months ago.

Will Do. No concurrent streaming service release is scheduled for this feature. We should expect to see a worthy HD version w/o Asian Subtitles within 4 months.

God, The Devil and Bob (2000) S1 E10
derekishere -6 points 7 months ago.

Great show!!!! No links.

RoboPhone 8 points 7 months ago.

For months now, you have been complaining about Links to the rest of us Viewers, rather than the Content Team, who can actually fulfill your requests. We have repeatedly given you helpful suggestions and tips to remedy that, which you have ignored. It is strongly recommended that you follow these steps.

(1) Link Requests can be submitted to The Front Desk Forum Thread. You can access it HERE.
(2) You can learn more about Navigating Primewire HERE. It will provide you with a better understanding of Primewire and how it works.

Thank You for your cooperation!

Extraction (2020)
Keisha_Ruan 1 points 29 days ago.

at first i was like all whaaaaaa? then I understood that its a good movie for the guys but im still like, whaaaaa? damn!

Themoo 9 points 28 days ago.

Woman here.. enjoyed it. You can tell when an actor is used to working with directors - in this case, it’s made by the Russo brothers, same people who directed The Avengers. They played to Hemsworth’s strength, being believably physical in his roles - pretty sure it was written for him.

Joker (2019)
wolfking666 -13 points 6 months ago.

You need to upload the TS version in a smaller file. I refuse to download any movie over 800 mbs unless it’s 3 hours + …. So do us all a favor and compress it to mkv then convert it back to mp4 and reupload. Also start using openload links again. Those are the only ACTUAL reliable links for watching and downloading. ALSO, reupload AHS 1984 - EP 5 in a smaller file. Should be around 150-200 mb but you only have 1080p links available? All at about 330 mbs for a 40 min episode? That’s bullshit. You need to take all this into consideration to provide the best experience on your site. And I cannot stress enough how annoying it is that you rarely use openload anymore. That is a MUST. Bring back the openload links and make sure videos are available in 720p AND 1080p for those who like to waste their data.

YKJack 9 points 6 months ago.

Wow… tell us how you really feel… 😳 All those demands and doesn’t have a clue how things work… we have nothing to do with the demise of openload or any host sites…

The Invisible Man (2020)
RoboPhone 11 points 2 months ago*.

New spin on the H.G. Wells Classic by Director Leigh Whannell .

See the Official Trailer HERE.

Stargate Universe (2009)
Killion 5 points 11 months ago.

I wish they would come out with new seasons/episodes of this show. I loved it!

A Field in England (2013)
somniloquist 5 points 19 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

While every writer working with a subject from distant history attempts to remove the cultural relativism brought on by the passage of time, Amy Jump may have actually done it.
The English Civil War seems pretty dull, doesn’t it? Cavaliers and Roundheads screaming at each other about Kings and Parliament, Catholics and Protestants, Charles and Oliver. But that’s only if you look at it through modern eyes. See, back then, everything was (what would today be considered) insane. Lives changed with the weather, people hunted each other down based on bizarre moralities, and magic was absolutely real.
Plus, everyone was high as a kite. All the time. Beer and wine were safer than water, grain had ergot growing in it, and any old mushroom went right down your throat. The modern mind can hardly fathom trying to manage basic agricultural practices through a dense fog of psychotropic substances, let alone pack a rifle barrel and wage war.
A Field in England uses pitch perfect dialogue and some fabulous camera work (at times with some really lo-fi lenses) to take you about as close to this version of reality as you’re likely to get.

Plus, you get to hear Julian Barratt use the word “mummery” in anger.
That one’s just me? Okay.

Superstar in a Housedress (2004)
somniloquist 5 points 12 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

If you only know one Lou Reed song it’s probably “Walk on the Wild Side.” It’s essentially a song about characters surrounding the scene at Andy Warhol’s Factory. Little Joe (Dallesandro) is real, the Sugar Plum Fairy is only partially so. But the big three are Holly, Candy, and Jackie. Holly Woodlawn was the funny one. Candy Darling was the pretty one. And Jackie Curtis? Well, Jackie was the SMART one.
In this documentary, Jackie’s friend Craig Highberger crafts a comprehensive portrait of a person beyond any single discipline, beyond gender, beyond time. If you’re into 1970s music, art, avant guarde theater, drag, culture, poetry, chaos, quips, or glitter you WILL recognize famous faces in this doc. Poet Taylor Mead, raconteur and Bowie manager (my favorite) Leee Black Childers, drag pioneer Holly Woodlawn, trans trailblazer Jayne County, beacon of gay theater Harvey Fierstein, indie darling Sylvia Miles, director Paul Morrissey, general treasure of a human Lily Tomlin, and on and on and on.

At the time I write this there is no link here for this film. But I’ll write about it anyway, I love it THAT much.

War of the Worlds (1988)
Alien 5 points 29 days ago.

I see now episodes 1 and 2 are combined. I appreciate you finding ep 3 even though it says ep 2. Thank you, Mr/Miss Linker.

Homeland (2011) S8 E12
Alien 5 points 29 days ago.

Time to binge on the final season.

Homeland (2011) S8 E12
Alien 5 points 29 days ago.

Time to binge on the final season.

puffythebongslayer 5 points 29 days ago.

you got will power i wish i waited

Prodigal Son (2019) S1 E20
Alien 5 points 28 days ago.

Holy Moly, what a show! So exciting. Such a mind f**k. So unrealistic.
Martin Sheen is an exceptional actor. He can play anything, and he does.
I’m so glad Jesus, I mean Tom Payne, left The Walking Dead. He’s put to better use here. Next season should be crazy.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
Alien 5 points 1 month ago. (Contains Spoilers)

We reap what we sow and that was the second biggest snake I’ve ever seen.
I’d like to see what The Ancient Ones are up to next, but, alas, there will be no sequel.

Homeland (2011) S8 E12
puffythebongslayer 5 points 29 days ago.

you got will power i wish i waited

Alien 5 points 29 days ago.

I don’t usually but this final season I downloaded them all.

Better Things (2016)
JadeEnigma 2 points 27 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

I adore the fact that in season one they said that Frankie is a boy and we moved forward with that, and yet now, in this season, Frankie is not a boy but exploring her sexuality in a more amorphous way. Boy? Girl? Whose fucking business is it anyway? It’s a brilliant twist and a wonderful exploration of trans power.

Alien 5 points 27 days ago*. (Contains Spoilers)

She has also been playing Dr. Charles’ daughter on Chicago Med.

Community (2009)
MyongSooksoo 5 points 1 year ago.

Community deserves six seasons a movie! The six seasons we got so now there´s only a movie that´s missing!

Upload (2020)
Grams 7 points 24 days ago.

I think this was interesting, and entertaining. It kept my attention to keep watching to see what was going to happen next. I also laughed throughout. I really hope they make another season of this, I would like to see more and see where or how far they go with it. I recommend you watch, and see this for yourself.

Outlander (2014)
RoboPhone 7 points 3 months ago*.

eff 02/14 : Season 5 of the acclaimed Outlander Series just premiered for a 12-Episode run.

See the Official Season 5 Trailer HERE.

The Outsider (2020)
RoboPhone 8 points 4 months ago*.

eff 01/12 : Brand New Crime Horror/Thriller begins with 10 episodes. It was adapted from legendary horror writer Stephen King, who has now masterfully ventured into the world of criminal investigations.

Interestingly enough, one of the main characters in this series, Holly Gibney, is the same character (albeit different actor) from his 3 Mr. Mercedes Novels turned TV Series.

Definitely worth watching!

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)
hooliomatt 8 points 3 months ago.

i didnt know what to expect and this was pretty epic to say its live action sonic… ps jim carrey is boss

Captain Marvel (2019)
JadeEnigma -13 points 1 year ago.

So’s your mom.

drbadassx11 8 points 1 year ago.

Nice. Lets resort to insults because we dont like the same movie lmfao.

YOU (2018)
SYLCollective 8 points 1 year ago.

This show is definitely binge-worthy, kept me highly engaged. Very creepy, but good. Looking forward to Season 2. 5 stars.

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)
YKJack 8 points 9 months ago.

I have to send a shout out to the linker who brought us the movie “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” The book changed my life and I’ve yet to see the movie… I’m looking forward to it immensely…

Ad Astra (2019)
TheTruth 9 points 5 months ago.

I was going to skip this one because of a lot of negative comments about it, but I’m glad I didn’t. This is definitely a work of art, more of a space philosophy movie theme if you’re into movies that make you think and reflect on life. I will say that this was 10x more interesting than “Arrival” which I tried watching 2 times and never could finish it. The slow pace works for this film, I can’t say that for “Arrival”

Underwater (2020)
LuxxyLuxx 10 points 4 months ago.

Not too shabby. I enjoyed it.

Survive the Night (2020)
ac1d 6 points 4 days ago*.

Dear Bruce Willis please stop making stupid movies -this was bloody awful -your audience and fans deserve better

Bosch (2014) S6 E10
MM 1 points 1 month ago*.

McConnelly writes so poignantly of a man who experienced and continues to experience a profoundly traumatic life…yet still has integrity and deep compassion for humanity.
“The ‘fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves…”
So it is for each of us.

Alien 6 points 1 month ago.

Cassius was right.

Brockmire (2017) S4 E5
Alien 6 points 1 month ago*.

I think I said this before but in case I didn’t, I will be sad to see the show go. 3 more eps until it’s all over.

The Walking Dead (2010) S10 E13
Pad Solo 6 points 2 months ago.

Was a really good episode, felt a lot like the original works that made this show for me. cant wait for the next one.

The Protector (2018)
RoboPhone 6 points 2 months ago.

eff 03/06: Netflix just dropped Season 3, containing 7 New Episodes of this Fantasy Thriller.

Spoken Language is Turkish, with HC (hard-coded) English Subtitles.

The Last Kingdom (2015)
Julianna 6 points 4 months ago*.

Absolutely fantastic show! Many of the same names here like in Vikings. Very well done and very entertaining and as our YgraineDance once said, best to be gobbled up!

Dragonslayer (1981)
Canuckian 6 points 5 months ago.

The Dragon CGI combined with live-action prop/stop motion photography is absolutely stunning considering it is a movie done in 1981.. IMO it could stand up to most movies in this genre even compared to Today’s standards. It has a decent story, decent script and as i said, the Dragon scenes are fantastic to watch, especially the big fight scene in the Dragons den. I remember this movie from when i was a little kid and it was the first of its kind i ever saw, and most likely is the movie that began my life long love of all things Fantasy. Don’t let the fact it was made by Disney throw you off, this has some pretty intense scenes (the part with the Princess who lost her “footing” in the cave ;) ) This movie was a collaboration between Paramount and Disney so you can see that it has pretty high production value. Anyway, all that aside, this remains one of my favorite movies as a kid and even today, i always come back to watch it at least once a year, usually around this time of year too though i don’t know isn’t exactly a Christmas movie lol. If you like Fantasy and Dragons and magic and all that, and you have not seen Dragonslayer yet, i suggest giving it a watch, you won’t be disappointed. I give this a solid 8/10 all the way across the board.

The Addams Family (1973)
derekishere -6 points 7 months ago.

No working links found?

YKJack 6 points 7 months ago*.

pleease dont state the obvious… As it says on request page in the forum, “PrimeWire Forum > Front Desk > Do you want to watch something but has no links? Request Links here…”

If you find a show without links and you really want to see it, please request it in the proper place… (like above the chatbox or in the forums)

(A one season, 1973 cartoon without links? go figure… smh)

Brightburn (2019)
The_Cheshire_Cat 6 points 11 months ago.

If Superman had been born a psychopath… this would be accurate. Pretty good movie! Some GREAT gory parts. quality not the best right now, may actually rewatch with better quality later on. 4/5

Code 8 (2019)
RoboPhone 6 points 5 months ago*.

eff 12/12 : Brand New HD Versions.

See the 2016 Short Film that inspired this Feature HERE.

Pennyworth (2019)
Annabella 6 points 10 months ago*.

THIS is Bloody BRILLIANT!!!!

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